About Sara

Sara Robberson has been writing stories since she was seven years old. She’s never tried third person before, but this seems to be turning out well…

She grew up watching reruns of Emergency! and the Andy Griffith Show, eating Miracle Whip sandwiches, drinking gallons of KoolAid and hiding cookie dough under her bed and then eating it without bothering to pick out the hair and carpet fuzz. She was a weird kid who liked math and cried when she couldn’t go to the dentist. She had an obsession with her mom’s makeup bag that elicited spankings several times a month. And her current mental state is probably due to the fact that she ate dirt, rocks, pretty flowers and the napkin that came with her lunch at school everyday. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, she started homeschooling in fifth grade.

Then she fell in love with Jesus when she was fourteen and starting trying to live her life to please Him. She was raised cowgirl country with the heart of a Southern belle. When she wasn’t trudging around the backyard in overalls and muck boots feeding her chickens and ducks she was dressing up and playing with baby dolls and a stuffed bear named Charlie and dreaming about getting married. She volunteered at a lot of places like homeless shelters and food pantries. She’d lived in the same house all her life in a rural suburb of Springfield, Missouri until life decided that her existence was far too humdrum so she moved to Kansas.

She doesn’t dress up anymore… much. But she still is trying her best to live her life as her Savior would want. She still dreams of getting married and having an armful of kids, so she became a Sunday School teacher. :) Now she works at an upscale boutique and that’s kinda awesome.

Fifteen Random Things:

1. My parents were actually going to name me Rachael. And although both that and my real name are Biblical, it was entirely coincidence.

2. I have a fear of getting my feet run over by a vacuum.

3. I know how to sew, crochet, knit and embroider and I was only taught one of them.

4. I’m a social chameleon. When I was younger, all my likes and dislikes were based entirely upon the people I was friends with. One time, I was obsessed with the color green and drawing cartoon frogs because my best friend was. Now that I’m older, I’ve finally “done my own thing” so to speak. Now my friends just think I’m weird. :)

5. I love the band Switchfoot.

6. I love bands from the 70’s and 80’s like the Bee Gees; Earth, Wind, & Fire; Phil Collins; Chicago; Paul McCartney and Wings etc.

7. I love Switchfoot a little more. :)

8. I want to live by the beach someday. Not the hot, tropical beach though. More like a European beach with mountains around it.

9. I play the piano by ear.

10. I love to draw, especially typography.

11. I’m an ENFP which means I’m an introvered, extroverted spaz.

12. I think dipping french fries in a chocolate malt is one of the few true pleasures in life.

13. I’m a Starbucks addict. Unashamedly.

14. I will try virtually any DIY project upon a whim, and improvise when, halfway through, I realize I don’t have all the right materials.

15. I’m obsessed with fashion.