About Caleb

My name is Caleb Stephens, I am sixteen years old. And thanks to my father and mother I am homeschooled.  If I wasn’t homeschooled, I wouldn’t have half the knowledge I do.

Like many boys, I spent most of my life growing up in a city. In the city I spent most of my time doing my school work, playing with my video games, and building with Knex. I was pretty much your average boy.

In the last two years my father and mother made the decision to move, and now I live out in the country. When we moved I found my self playing less and less video games.  This is coming from the same guy who begged his mom to let him play his Xbox. Instead I picked up hobbies like beekeeping, blacksmithing, making chain-mail,  wood working,  and guitar.

Now I hope to teach you some of these things.