How about a little history

Now just so you all are aware back when people had to work hard for what they had. there was no such thing as Lows, Walmart, or the Hardware store. They had “The forge with the smithy hard at work shaping the iron to what was desired.” So as you can imagine the black smith was a very important person. and in today’s world I am afraid the black smith has been cast to the side and replaced with robots and mass producing factory’s. And blacksmiths are now looked at as  hobbyist, but it is really an art and not something to be taken as a joke.

Blacksmithing is a skill that is really quite advanced but it does not require to many tools to get started.  You will need a forge, “wich I will teach you how to make.” an anvil. and a few tools including a hammer,  pair of tongs, and proper safety equipment.

Keep in mind that I will try to show you the most inexpensive way to make things. and you can make a nice forge in the range of $25-$50 instead of paying $500 for a new one.