Wooden Pick

Music is very inspirational to me. I always have music playing in my shop when I am working, and in my room when I am blogging. And I love playing guitar. Playing music and writing songs is calming and relaxing in its own way, for me. When I play my guitar I don’t like using soft picks. I think they give the guitar a tinging sound. This is why I decided to make a wood one. It’s hard, yet it will not scratch up my guitar. And I was able to make the pick out of a little piece of scrap that I was going to throw away, so it was a good deal all in all. I’ve also made some awesome necklaces out of my wooden picks and they make perfect gifts. So this is the link showing how I make my wooden guitar picks....

What Am I Making?

This is my newest project. I will be doing a full instructional post some time soon, but this is what I have for now. http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Sneek-Peek-at-What-Is-Next/

Making a Burl Bowl

I recently stumbled across a burl here on the farm. I am pretty sure it’s elm, which I don’t like to work with. But burls are normally quite hard so it didn’t matter much in the end. To see how I made it, and to learn how to make your own, click the link below. http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-burl-bowl/    


So once you have the tools, you’ll need materials to build things. And sadly, wood (even though it does grow on trees) is expensive. There are many ways to acquire supplies. One really good place, if you have one, is a Restore, or Habitat for Humanity. It’s just a big warehouse with all sorts of old things that no one wants. Lets say you need to build some shelves for your shop. You could go and buy something from a home improvement store. Or you could walk in to the Restore pick up a bag of nails, a few pine boards, and a couple angle braces for under $30 and make 3 shelves! You can find almost everything you need there. Here’s a list of a few things they normally have: wood, PVC, hardware, nails, screws, windows, doors, tables, and sometimes...