My goal with this website is to show boys everywhere that real fun is not on a screen. The brain is an amazing thing that God has gifted us with. I am sure He did not intend for us boys to be sitting and playing a video game, watching movies, or texting our friends every few minutes. I will be making a list of the things that I will be showing you how to make shortly. I hope that you all like what I do.

A note for girls who might be reading this.

Do not freak out, this is not some “boys only thing.” I would love for you to see what this is about. I know lots of girls who like these things too, and I am happy to include you in what I am doing. Some of the things I make might not be the things you like, but I think you will enjoy some of it. Also for you girls, one of my good friends has a blog that I think you should read, it is good stuff.  Here is the link to her blog.