Every thing that I make, can and could be dangerous. It is your problem if you get hurt from making something I am teaching you, not mine. I will go through a list of things you will need, and the simple safety of using the tools you might use.

I will say one thing before any one, and I repeat ANY ONE, tries the things I will teach. I take no responsibility what so ever for any of the stupid choices that YOU make, let me say that again “YOU!”, not I.

Trust me I have done some pretty stupid stuff,and I hope you all listen to what I say when I teach. I encourage you all to wear safety glasses in ALL projects, goggles would even be better. And I know you’re thinking, “but Caleb they don’t look cool.” Just so you know, you won’t look cool when your eye is gone, because of your stupid mistake.

I also recommend wearing leather work gloves. A lot of the projects have to do with fire and you need to make sure your clothing is not skin tight, or made out of some silly sort of spandex, because it will melt like butter. I am sorry, but if you’re a guy and wearing spandex, you better get some jeans before you go another step forward.

Now before I move on, if you are not in your own house, you must get your parents permission to make any thing off this blog. If they say “No,” you must respect that and move on.  Some time down the road they will most likely let you make it. I am sure that you guys have grandfathers and dads that know some stuff about this, I encourage you to ask for there help. I have learned that you learn more from an older and wiser person than you will ever learn from a text book.

Some of the things I make shoot projectiles, so here is a list that of all the safety rules I use when using any one of these.

1. No on is in front of me what so ever.  A good bow can shoot over 100 yards if you’re shooting up at an angle.  So make sure no on is in front of you.

2. Do not use a sharpened point on any arrows or atlatl darts, they are the ones that can do some big damage at long distant shooting.

3. Never EVER shoot straight up, because it will come straight down.

4. Do not ever EVER point something sharp at any one EVER!

5. You need to also keep in mind that if you are in a city and do not have a big back yard, you might want to check all of your city’s laws and regulations. You can get arrested if you are carrying around a knife over a certain length in some states.

Follow these rules, they are extremely important.