Wooden Pick

Music is very inspirational to me. I always have music playing in my shop when I am working, and in my room when I am blogging.

And I love playing guitar. Playing music and writing songs is calming and relaxing in its own way, for me.

When I play my guitar I don’t like using soft picks. I think they give the guitar a tinging sound. This is why I decided to make a wood one. It’s┬áhard, yet it will not scratch up my guitar. And I was able to make the pick out of a little piece of scrap that I was going to throw away, so it was a good deal all in all.

I’ve also made some awesome necklaces out of my wooden picks and they make perfect gifts.

So this is the link showing how I make my wooden guitar picks. http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Wooden-Gutair-pick/

Picture of Making a Wooden Guitar pick

Rope Dart and gutari pick 028.JPG
Rope Dart and gutari pick 038.JPG

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